This Overwatch troll extorted money from Teammates

There’s a scam going around on Overwatch, and people playing on PS4 are just sitting ducks, because neither Blizzard nor Sony have any interest in doing anything about it, it would seem.

Here’s what happened to a user named Emaias, who shared their experience on the Blizzard forums…

They entered a lobby, and immediately got a message from another player that said:

“Hey guys, I only play if people pay me, either send me $5 on PayPal before the start of the match or I throw.”


At first, they thought he was just kidding, but the kid was dead serious. He instantly grabbed Ana, and would run into battles but not actually do anything. Apparently, on PS4, there’s no way to block or report this guy for ruining the game on purpose and extorting other players.

Emaias decided to hit up Blizzard to run this past them and to let them know what kind of nonsense some of their players were getting up to, how people were able to break the game with absolutely no recourse.



They spoke to numerous customer service reps and a supervisor, sounds like they were totally getting the run-around, until finally being told that this isn’t Blizzard’s problem and that it’s up to Sony to police the PlayStation Network.

So, fair enough, Emaias had already spent enough time on it that it was worth seeing this through until the end, they wanted to ensure Sony and Blizzard knew about this issue so they could fix it and avoid other players being extorted. So, they sent a message to Sony to let them know what’s up, since Blizzard said that’s how to get this taken care of.

Sony’s response?

“Overwatch is a Blizzard game and complaints about the experience should be directed to the company.”

Cue the absolute RAGE that we’ve all experienced while trying to deal with customer support when everyone just tells you that it’s someone else’s problem to deal with.