Overwatch update 2.05 has added an incredibly useful hidden feature

Off-meta mains, your time has come. Overwatch has finally given players the ability to let their teammates know exactly how good they’re doing. Your teammates can now hear when you’re on fire.

Credit: Blizzard

This small, unnoticed feature is HUGE for Overwatch players who prefer to pick off-meta heroes who may not be seen as strong or useful. Blizzard’s decision to make the audio clip audible to all of a players teammates means that the attack Hanzo main that everyone doubts and abuses for his pick no longer has to grovel in chat, claiming he’s doing well- his teammates will hear Hanzo shout “I’m on fire” over the din of battle.

Unless of course he doesn’t do well. Which is likely. Please don’t play Hanzo on attack. Please.

Credit: Blizzard

This small change will have a larger impact on the game than you will expect. Instances of verbal abuse and players insisting that others change characters over and over will go down, and people will end up having more fun- and as we all know, almost everyone plays better and is more cooperative when they’re having fun. This feature is a win-win for everyone.