People are making fun of Mass Effect Andromeda’s “Terrible” Animations

Now that people have got their hands on the Mass Effect: Andromeda trial, the game is taking some heat for their character animations.

Earlier clips showed some characters that displayed emotions in… interesting ways, and now that folks have actually got their hands on the game, they’re discovering a slew of other strange and funny animations, so obviously, the meme floodgates have opened up.

Some of the human characters have these dead stares that players have reported can take them out of the experience a bit, but at the end of the day it’s not like it’s breaking the game or anything, these are things that can be fixed in the final versions, and for a huge game with so much dialogue and possibility, there’s always going to be a few screws loose at first. None the less, it gets pretty weird…

It’s not going to ruin the experience for anyone, and by all accounts this still seems like an incredible game. Weird expressions are actually realistic, go pause your TV at random times while someone is talking and you’ll see all sorts of weird looks. A normal series of facial expressions in a conversation are basically made up of a bunch of smaller weird expressions, which is something that’s still really difficult to recreate perfectly for a game, there’s a lot of subtlety going on with the human face. Having said that, there are games from previous generations that do much better jobs of having their characters emote through their faces, so we’re not trying to make excuses.

Oddly enough, these issues seem to be most prominent with the human characters, not as much with the aliens. Taken out of the context of the game and put into a short three second clip, these look pretty ridiculous, but when you’re actually playing it, you’ll probably barely notice (unless you’re looking for it), and we can only imagine that Bioware are going to patch some of these up once they’ve got a chance.

It’s not just facial expressions either, check out this running animation:

Or this WWE style punch: