Pewdiepie accused Youtube of killing his channel for the most outrageous reason

The drama on video content platform Youtube has reached its zenith in the past week, with many big creators using the platform, accusing them of intentionally trying to harm their reach and views.

Leading this battle is the biggest and most popular creator on the platform, Pewdiepie and his statements in recent videos have stirred up a storm, all for the wrong reasons.



Even though his videos get millions of views daily, he’s decided to accuse Youtube of not only intentionally trying to harm his channel, but has also come up with one of the most absurd reasons ever. All of these have been done publicly.

Pewdiepie made a shocking statement in a rant video he posted earlier this week accusing the platform of secretly changing its algorithm to favor clickbait videos while penalizing original and quality content.

The video in itself seemed kind of odd at times but one statement really stood out.

Pewdiepie could be seen accusing Youtube of trying to penalize him for ‘being white‘. He actually said it during the video.

“I’m white,” he said in the video. “Can I make that comment? But I do think that’s a problem.”

Having made millions and millions off the platform, it seem really odd Pewdiepie would accuse the platform of such wrongdoings publicly. It also hints about how shaky his relationship might be with the management running Youtube.

Being the biggest Youtuber on earth, one would expect a more dedicated support channel for him to raise complaints than creating rant videos. Apparently not.