Pewdiepie apologizes for “Death to all Jews” video, issues emotional response

Pewdiepie’s been in a soup for the last few days and things don’t seem to be getting better for him.

At first, he was dropped by Disney, after an article published by WSJ questioned why no action was taken by them after Pewdiepie released a host of seemingly anti-semitic videos (which were infact made as a joke).

This was followed up by Youtube, who cancelled the second season of “Scare Pewdiepie”, a premium offering on Youtube red, and removed him from its premium advertising program, which gives creators access to a pool of premium advertisers¬†and marks their channels as being ‘brand safe’.

He has finally released a video that deals with the controversy. He’s seen issuing an heartfelt apology to anyone who was offended by his videos which contained crass jokes about Jews. He also specifically apologized for making two Indian men hold up a sign reading “Death to all Jews”.

However, he slammed the Wall Street Journal, who were first to report the news about Disney dropping him, for creating distorted versions of the truth and misleading readers. He issued the Journal of tagging him as being an anti-semite for making, what were at worst, bad jokes.

He also accused them of manipulating the footage from his videos and taking them out of context, to make him appear as being a racist. He also told them he will continue making videos, and they should try harder.

Pewdiepie offered an heartfelt note of thanks to everyone from the Youtube community who came out in support for him.

You can watch the entire video below –