Pewdiepie does the most disgusting thing ever to get views

You  don’t make it to 50 million subs without making a few enemies, and without drinking a few glasses of urine…

We’ve all seen countless smaller channels doing all sorts of nasty and disgusting things to get views, but even though he’s got the top channel, Pewdiepee isn’t about to start resting on his laurels. He could coast and it would probabally still take years for anybody to catch up to him, but instead of that, he’s continuing the hustle.

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After seeing a rise in videos such as “$10 sneakers vs $25,000 sneakers” and the like, Pewdiepie decided it was time for himself to cash in as well. Instead of comparing practical products with luxury items, he took it to the next level.

“Alright Buzzfeed, let’s see you try THIS…” – Pewdiepie issues a challenge to the site that popularized these “$X vs $X,XXX” videos.

Pewdiepie drank regular tap water, and saved his urine. Then, he drank a bottle of water that cost hundreds of dollars, and drink that urine, to compare them both.

That face when you’re about to chug pee for views:



The obvious flaw in this plan is that the first urine sample would have been sitting for a day, which makes it extra disgusting. Drinking your urine immediately isn’t generally dangerous if you’re healthy (But don’t try it at home) and there are people who do it for therapeutic reasons, however it has to be done almost immediately, not after letting it sit and fester.

So, how does a sip of pee taste when it comes from $1 water vs. $680 water? Here’s Pewpiedie to answer yet another one of like’s nagging questions: