Player discovers hidden Final Fantasy 15 files containing nude character models and Versus assets

A player has discovered hidden nude files in Final Fantasy 15. The player was shocked to find nude images of some of the characters from the game.

It is to be noted that none of them are actually in the final version of the game but exists within the game’s files.

Not only did he discover the nude character models but he also uncovered an old costume for Noctis from Final Fantasy Versus 13. Check it out below –

The player called Rich Whitehouse uncovered the nude files and he also posted quite a few of them on Twitter. The nude models are belonging to characters such as (NFSW) Camelia Claustra and (NFSW) Gentiana.

The nude models were possibly created to make the characters look more realistic. It is to be noted that the nude models aren’t really involved in doing anything vulgar, and they are just that…nude character models.