Player discovers secret Death Stranding easter eggs in Horizon: Zero Dawn

It’s a known fact that Kojima is using Guerrilla Games’ engine to make his upcoming PS4 exclusive Death Stranding, and the developer has paid a homage to his upcoming project in their own special way.

Horizon: Zero Dawn has fast become the most critically acclaimed game made by Guerrilla, and it features not one but three epic Death Stranding easter eggs.

A youtuber going by the name Arekkz has discovered all three of the cool items and he also explains how you can find them.

The items are the Stranded figure, the Stranded Necklace and the Stranded Shackles. All three of these items made an appearance in the Death Stranding reveal trailer and anyone who’s seen it will recognize them.

Horizon: Zero Dawn releases worldwide today for PS4 and PS4 Pro. Death Stranding has no release date as yet but development is moving fast. Check out the video below –