GTA V Player sets up test to see if 100 civilians can stop a Jumbo Jet

Can you imagine civilians trying to stop a Jumbo Jet in GTA V just by standing on its way? Well I never thought something of that kind would happen.

However, YouTuber RZED had some other intentions. He wanted to check how many civilians would be required to stop GTA Vs Jumbo Jet, which is a replica of the Boeing 747.


He started off with 25 civilians trying to stop the flight but failed. He then accumulated 50 civilians but couldn’t be successful either. However, he didn’t want to give up and decided to double the amount of people before trying again.


Finally when he gathered more than 100 people, he was successful in stopping the Jet and even tearing it apart. The video makes for a rather weird but enjoyable viewing experience, and we have to admit, these guys don’t lack imagination.

Have a look at the video below: