Player Spent 6 Years Playing Dark Souls to Wear This Rare Helmet

How far would you go to get a helmet in a game?

For years, there’s been this weird obsession brewing just below the surface for some Dark Souls players, centered around Dragon Slayer Ornstein, and his helmet’s lack of a plume.

In the first game, Ornstein had no plume, but one player in particular was hopeful that it would make an appearance in the sequel. Connor Marwede was disappointed to learn that said plume was not present in Dark Souls 2, and it almost seemed like the devs were taunting him, since he was very vocal about how badly he wanted it.

Other armors in the game are equipped with the plume, but not this one in particular. Ornstein wasn’t even in the second game, but his armor was… but of course, sans plume.

“It’s like opening a brand new can of soda only to find out on your first sip that it’s completely flat,” Connor describes the experience to Waypoint.

After years of waiting, Dark Souls 3 rolls around. There’s a boss called Dragonslayer Armour who looks like Ornstein, but no plume. At one point, you learn that Nameless King’s style of fighting inspired Ornstein’s, and you even find Ornstein’s armor next to the Nameless King’s corpose. But alas, no plume.

“I was literally speechless when I picked it up, I was so sure I’d have his glorious plume, for the final entry in all of Dark Souls.” said Connor.

So, he did what anyone would do when faced with a great injustice in society, he setup a petition, posted to reddit, but the general consensus was “Wtf?” People just didn’t share the same passion, and mocked his efforts. Instead of having everyone on board, the guy was ridiculed. But didn’t lose hope.

The first DLC for Dark Souls 3 came and went, and still no plume. 

With the final DLC on the horizon, and this possibly being the last chance, he started another petition, reached around 500 signatures, and tried getting in touch with From Software via Twitter.

By this point, the goal seemed to be getting further and further away. As the final chapter drew nearer and nearer, it seemed like Connor would just have to deal with the fact that there is no plume.

Until a patch came out… and this happened:

It’s finally there, and it’s glorious.

Six years of trying have paid off, and people are losing their minds. They finally came around. This isn’t the first time a petition has worked on From Software, who brought the series to PC after 70,000 people asked for it.

A reddit user named Hexaped commented: 

“Wow. WOW. I can’t believe this happened. This is quite a special gift. In the end, it actually happened. Imagine the one team member working night-and-day trying to get the physics right for us, heheh.”

The moral of the story? Never give up on your dreams, no matter how small and inconsequential they seem to everyone else.