Player spent days mapping Fallout 4’s ocean floor, here’s what he found

Gamer and Redditor Lavonicus has been on a 30+ hours voyage to deep parts of the ocean and every other water body featured in Fallout 4. This was done by him with a sole purpose in mind – to explore and point out all the notable underwater locations and hidden loots in the dim radioactive waters surrounding the in-game Boston city.

The aftermath of this underwater exploration is a collection of 113 images on Imgur, along with a detailed map depicting assorted interesting locations marked in red as well as hidden treasures marked in green. Also he has done some videos to help you out for the same.


There’s literally not much left of Fallout 4’s ocean floor after the extensive mapping done by this guy. It’s insane how some people make such extreme efforts so that they can benefit the entire gaming community as a whole.

Besides the loots, there aren’t any underwater secret vaults or dungeons just yet. But given the scope of the map, it might be possible in a future DLC by Bethesda. We’ll keep you updated.


Here are some screenshots which hold some value.

He found a Legendary Withered Ghoul


Location leading to a boat


A red chest was found


Red Pipes


Check out the video featuring the mysterious sphere below. What do you make of all this? Do you think the effort was worth it?  You can view the full album on Imgur.

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