Player uncovers hidden No Man’s Sky files that points toward major upcoming feature

Image: PC Gamer

Hello Games has finally sprung back to life after a long layoff, as they delivered a new No Man’s Sky update called the “Foundation Update” which looks like something substantial.

Although they still have a lot of ground to cover, the addition of the survival mode, teleport-equipped freighters and some changes to the inventory management system shows that they are finally taking steps in the right direction.

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Earlier, Hello Games announced that the foundation update will work as “a foundation for things to come,” which is definitely a good news for the players.

A Redditor named eegandj dug in to the No Man’s Sky files after the update and found out that there is a folder named “Buggy” inside it.

When further investigation was done, it was found that Buggy was actually a land based vehicle and there were mentions about “tire textures.” and he also mentioned that he found an unused “specialist terminal” only for the ground vehicles and some models of buggy wheels which he was successful in importing from the game.

Image: Reddit

Image: Reddit

Although nothing can be confirmed yet, these are obviously some good signs for No Man’s Sky. We hope we can see some land vehicles in the game soon and try some burnouts.

The land vehicles was one of the most sought after features and Hello Games would be doing a huge fan-service by bringing it into the game, although a few months late.