Players discover incredible new hidden feature in Pokemon Go’s new location tracker

Niantic just rolled out a major update for Pokemon Go on both iOS and Android devices merely a few hours ago, and Pokemon Go players worldwide are considering it to be their best update yet.

Needless to say, the most welcome change that this update bought is the introduction of a new location tracking system for the game, that by Niantic’s own admission, is only rolled out as a test for the time being.

However, many players were fortunate enough to be able to use this new tracking system and some of them have uncovered a feature that wasn’t really disclosed by the developers.

It’s known that the new tracker has a ‘sightings’ feature that shows you nearby Pokemon as icons on the tracking screen. However, some users are also being able to see another tab called “Nearby” that basically shows you the Pokemon available at nearby Pokestops with pinpoint accuracy.

pokemon go444

It shows you an image of the Pokestop, so you know exactly where to go and an image of the Pokemon available there. Users feel that this is an epic new addition to the game which will encourage people to visit Pokestops more often to boost their hunting adventures.

On the flip side, this feature will only be beneficial for people who’ve access to a lot of Pokestops nearby as otherwise it’s kind of redundant. Some users have managed to capture screenshots showing how exactly it looks in-game

2 poke5

As you can see, you can now find out which Pokemon are spawning at Pokestops and then plan your adventures accordingly. Niantic definitely seems to be working very hard to create a new location tracking system for Pokemon Go that’ll be super fun and effective to use, and this seems like a step in the right direction.

However, the game is being plagued by cheaters who are using exploits such as getting unlimited Pokecoins to gain an unfair advantage in the game. Niantic came up with a anti cheat system to curb this but hackers were able to crack it merely four days after being released.