Players discover Pokemon Go eggs don’t work the way you think


A lot of Pokemon Go players have complained that there are some inconsistencies in the egg hatching process in the game. Some players noticed that the game only credits for walking when the GPS signal moves in the game. This actually results in the players needing to walk more than the stipulated distance to hatch most of the eggs.



Reddit user Davedamon described the game’s tracking system in the Pokemon Go subreddit. He mentioned that the game doesn’t use the phone’s pedometer to track the steps of the players, but uses GPS instead. Prior to this revelation a lot of players thought that a pedometer was used to measure the distance traveled by the players in Pokemon Go.

We feel this should be fixed as it’ll only encourage players to use exploits such as moving anywhere in the map without actually going anywhere or generating unlimited Pokecoins using cheats.

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Davedamon also added that the game doesn’t continuously track the player’s movement. Pokemon Go actually uses the refresh displacement system, which was used in Ingress to determine the distance traveled by the players. As a result, the players who walk in circles or in a curved path might not receive their actual credits for the distance they had actually walked.



It is advisable for all the players to walk in straight lines if they want their eggs to be hatched quickly. This might put off a lot of people since it’s really frustrating to know that not all steps you take in the hopes of laying Pokemon eggs may not be counted in-game.

There is some good news for you trainers out there who still want to gain an unfair advantage. Even though Niantic shut down access to their servers, there are some apps that use artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing to help you find rare Pokemon, Pokestops, and Gyms. Pokemon Go Maps is probably the best one out right now, developed by a former google engineer. Since Pokemon Go Maps is built without using any third party APIs it does not violate any Pokemon Go Terms of Service, and won’t jeopardize your account. Here’s where you can get it:

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The app currently has locations of over a million Pokemon, and that’s just in the United States alone.