No one knows how to use this No Man’s Sky feature

Nearly two years ago, No Man’s Sky developers, Hello Games, uploaded a video to YouTube showing a portal you could travel through, resulting in you being transported to another world. You can view the video below showing what I’m talking about (around the 1:30 mark).

Fast forward to today where players of the game are actually finding these portals. However, even though these portals are being spotted, nobody really knows how they work. There is a thread on Reddit filled with ideas and suggestions by No Man’s Sky players, and some ideas are pretty plausible.

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Some players think that these portals will be linked to a future multiplayer option. Others suggest that there is a puzzle that needs to be solved in order for them to activate. Players of the game are trying all kinds of things in order to active the monoliths, such as placing all kinds of objects inside it, but it seems like nothing has worked yet.

There is also another Reddit thread discussing code found in the game that references portals.

<TITLE>Alien Artifact signature detected<><lf>Language of local alien species available
<TITLE>Alien Monolith marker detected<><lf>Unidentified presence confirmed
<TITLE>Portal detected<><lf>Gateway to another world now accessible

image via kotaku

image via kotaku

Nobody really knows when these portals will be activated, if they ever get to that point. And if that happens, who really knows what their functionality will be? There are so many questions that remain unanswered, but that’s No Man’s Sky for you.

Have you guys found any portals yet, and what kinds of tricks have you done in order to potentially activate them?