Playing Violent Games Such As Grand Theft Auto Doesn’t Make Players More Aggressive, New Study Finds

Science prevails once again!

Credit: Bethesda

A recent study conducted by Hannover Medical School has provided evidence that playing violent video games doesn’t make you a more violent person. These results actually contradict previous studies that claimed to prove that video games do make you violent. However, those previous studies neglected to take into effect things like adrenaline.

Credit: Activision

Instead of performing psychological tests on gamers immediately after the gaming session, the researchers gave the gamers a break of a few hours to let their levels return to base. After the break, gamers who played violent games for multiple hours a day were proven to have no psychological difference from the control group.

Credit: Rockstar

Hopefully this study will convince more people that video games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty aren’t the enemy and we will see less legislation passed against games all over the world. It’s a relief to see that there is no meaningful connection between video games and acts of violence in America and around the globe.

There’s a weird thing where games are held to different standards than other mediums and other art forms, but studies like this are encouraging to help people realize things we’ve already known as gamers for years.

Shoutout to everyone who has played violent games their entire lives and wouldn’t hurt a fly.