PlayStation 3 production is ending soon

Production of the PlayStation 3, which has given us so many good gaming memories, is coming to an end soon.

Sony has revealed that it is planning to end producing new PS3 units in Japan, word about whether production in Western countries would also cease isn’t out yet, but is likely.

Gematsu translated the console’s description on the official Japanese website for PlayStation, and it’s been updated to read: “Shipments are scheduled to end soon.”

It is important to note that the PS3, in all likelyhood, continue to be produced in at least some developing countries like Brazil and India, because it came out a lot later in those countries than its Japanese launch.

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The PS3 has sold approximately 84 million units worldwide and remains one of the best gaming consoles to ever release. It also has amazing exclusive like The Last of Us, Uncharted 3, and God of War 3.

Its predecessor, the PlayStation 2, had ceased production completely in 2013, after nearly being 12 years on the market. It was the most successful console of all time, with more than 150 million units sold.

The PlayStation 4 is the successor to the PS3 and currently an improved version called the PlayStation 4 Pro was recently released by the company.

We’ll have more details about the exact date Sony is planning to cease production of its predecessor soon.