PlayStation 4K Confirmed: Here are the first details

After months of rumors and speculations suggesting that an upgraded version of the PS4 with 4K support is in development, Sony has finally gone on record to confirm its existence.

Andrew House, president of SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) confirmed this news during an interview with Financial Times. He termed the new PS4 device as being a ‘high-end PS4″, and informed that it will be more expensive than the current $350 PS4 model.

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Image: Sony Playstation

Image: Sony Playstation

House revealed that there won’t be any showing of the new device during its upcoming E3 press conference, and no announcement will be made during the event. This is to ensure there’s no negative impact on the sales of the current version of the PS4.

We want to ensure we have a full range of the best experiences on the new system that we can showcase in their entirety,

House also stated that the new PS4 device isn’t meant as a replacement for the existing PS4 consoles and would only compliment the standard PS4.

It is intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4,” he continued. We will be selling both [versions] through the life cycle. All games will support the standard PS4 and we anticipate all or a very large majority of games will also support the high-end PS4.

Image: Sony PlayStation

Image: Sony PlayStation

He also informed that the new console would feature better visuals than the current PS4 models and will come with 4K support for games. He said that developers will need to do a little bit of extra work to enable support for their games on the console.

The console won’t be sold at a loss and will be profitable right from its launch. It’s slated to release before Autumn this year, and we can expect a proper reveal soon, but it won’t be happening during the upcoming E3 event.