PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Two: What We Know and What To Expect

Late last year, Microsoft’s Phil Specter confirmed that there is an Xbox Two and that gamers can expect it “sooner than later.” There was some speculation that Microsoft may bow out of the console business after the Xbox One’s lifespan has come to an end, but thankfully there will still be plenty of competition to keep all of the console makers on their toes.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Sony is going to be putting out another console as well, after the huge success of the Playstation 4.

What PS5 & Xbox Two Graphics Might Look Like – 

With all of that cleared up, let’s take a look at what we know so far about the the next generation of console gaming.

Besides the fact that both Sony and Microsoft are planning their next console, there isn’t a lot of solid information yet. All we can really say for sure about the next generation of consoles is that it will exist.

Console Wars II by Radscoolian via Shirt.Woot.Com

Console Wars II by Radscoolian via Shirt.Woot.Com

Reports have said that Microsoft wants to focus a lot more on gaming in the cloud with the Xbox Two, which stands to reason since Microsoft has invested heavily in cloud computing in areas outside of gaming, and are one of the leaders when it comes to the cloud.

At the present time, a graphics card that’s capable of running smoothly at 4k resolution is roughly the same price as buying a PS4 and an Xbox One, so GPU prices will have to drop significantly if we’re to see 4K resolution games on the next generation of consoles.

Unreal Engine 4 4

Virtual reality could play a role as well, we will have to see how the current breed of VR headsets performs to see if it’s really a game changer or just the next “3D”.

By the time the next generation of consoles drop, home download speeds will likely be a lot higher with the spread of fiber internet, and we’re expecting to see a much bigger emphasis on digital downloads. It may not be the nail in the coffin for physical media, but it’ll be close.

Expect a lot more big budget free-to-play games as a result of better high-speed internet accessibility and online experiences that have so far been out of reach due to bottlenecks and risk factors such as not enough high-speed internet connections in gaming households.


Uncharted 4 – The game that’s meant to show what the PS4 is truly capable of.

Data stroage technology will definitely become more advanced by the time both these consoles release and expect storage capacities that will dwarf the ones right now.

Expect much better cloud storage features as well as a much larger physical storage drive although perhaps at the fraction of the size of the current disk drives used in consoles.

Holographic tech cannot be ruled out either and the consoles might look a lot more futuristic than the PS4 or Xbox One for the matter. You might also have access to an assistant similar to SIRI or Samsung Voice on the devices which will respond to your commands.


Cyberpunk is an upcoming game that is supposed to be a visual milestone for both PS4 and Xbox One

Expect Microsoft to focus on more in-depth motion based experiences as well, especially with VR coming into play.

It is really difficult to put a finger on what exactly these devices might be able to achieve but the above are just some points that will definitely have their role to play in shaping what could possibly be the next consoles from these giants.