PlayStation hilariously trolls Nintendo Switch on its launch day

PlayStation didn’t miss a chance to troll the Nintendo Switch, which is launching worldwide today. The good folks at PlayStation Italy took a sly dig at the console in their own comical way.

If you didn’t notice, the red square uses the exact same red background and font color as the logo of the Nintendo Switch. The English translation reads: “Tomorrow is a special day for the world of gaming” followed by “PS4 is yours at only €199,99.” and Tweet itself reads:  “Even tomorrow, make the right choice. PlayStation 4 always knows how to surprise you.”

The tweet is promoting a temporary price cut for the PS4 across most European countries only for tomorrow. This is definitely an attempt to steal some of Nintendo Switch’s thunder on its launch day.

While one wing of PlayStation decided to take a dig at the console, another choose to congratulate them on a successful launch:

It used a screenshot from Horizon: Zero Dawn to drive the message across.