PlayStation Network reaches record number of users, crosses this magical number

Sony’s PlayStation Network is slowly becoming the ultimate online gaming service. Recently, PSN has reached a record number of active consumers according to a recent Corporate Strategy Meeting.

During the meeting, Sony acknowledged that the network had reached a total of 70 million monthly active users. When you take into account that Xbox Live only achieved a record-high of a 52-55 million active users in 2016, this is a huge milestone for Sony.

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Additionally, the company announced another milestone would be reached by the end of the year. The company is predicting that 78 million PlayStation 4 units will be shipped by the end of this year.

Keep in mind that number is not units sold, however, with E3 2017 coming up soon and several highly-anticipated exclusives on the way I am positive that the PlayStation 4 will sell very well for the rest of the year.