PlayStation Plus subscription plan to get price hike next month

Sony’s PlayStation Plus will be receiving a ten dollar price increase for the annual plan, alongside changes to the three month plan. However, the one month plan will be remaining the same.

The price of PS Plus will be seeing an increase due to “current market conditions” according to Sony, and no further comment was offered other than that. The online subscription based program will be undergoing the following changes come September 22.


  • One month will remain at $10
  • Three months will increase to $25
  • Twelve months will see a $10 (20%) increase, placing it at $60

Nothing too drastic, thankfully. If your membership renewal date is on or after the 22 of September, you’ll be affected by the increase. So, that’s probably most of you. If not, congrats – you have a year. It’s unlikely we’ll be seeing anything of this sort for a long time, so we’ll be used to shelling out that little bit extra before long.

Still. That’s one less pizza delivery every year, isn’t it? Decisions decisions…


Tricky Towers, one of this months’ free PS Plus titles.

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