PlayStation Plus Survey Shows 70% Drop In User Satisfaction, Here’s The Reason Why

We only reported last week about how there’s been a growing dissent among PlayStation Plus subscribers regarding the quality of service on offer and now a PlayStation Survey has revealed that there’s been a staggering drop of 70% when it comes to user satisfaction.

The survey takes into account trends from the past few years and the results are really disappointing for PlayStation. The survey got a total of 3,923 responses, which is quite a large number considering these surveys don’t usually attract a large audience.


Image: Sony PlayStation

The survey was promoted across various PlayStation related sub-reddits on popular user-curation site Reddit for a period of two days. This prompts us to believe that the results of the survey mostly reflect the thoughts of the users of those sub-reddits and hence you need to be wary of the fact the results might be a bit influenced by the unified sentiment shared by them.


Image: Sony PlayStation

However, it is still a largely negative result and definitely won’t have been reached¬†unless there were valid reasons for people to feel dejected by the service offered. There might be several reasons for people finding the PlayStation Plus service to be sub-par. Let’s take a look at a few prominent ones –

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