Pokemon Go already has a dating app and it’s super effective

With Pokemon GO having massive success and even passing apps such as Tinder in popularity, there’s something new that’s now in play to help you catch more than pocket monsters. Pokemon GO players can now catch a date, thanks to the latest dating website, PokeDates.

Yes, you read that correctly.

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The new dating site was created by Project Fixup, another online dating service. When you sign up for PokeDates, you’ll have a short questionnaire to fill out, answering questions about yourself, your schedule, and even your favorite Pokemon. Once your information is submitted, you will receive an email after you have been matched, mapping out the details of your date.

image via projectfixup.com/pokedates

image via projectfixup.com/pokedates

Your first date from the site is free, and later it’ll cost you about $20.

Considering the incredible success of Pokemon GO, it’s not really a surprise that the dating site has come about so shortly after the game’s release. Pokemon GO already encourages teamwork and hunting with others with the implementation of teams and gym battles, and it has also been getting players off the couch and walking more, so why not dating as well?


Potential dates will already have a major thing in common with you, and it may even give you a Pokemon loving pal if a romantic relationship doesn’t pan out as expected.

image via projectfixup.com/pokedates

image via projectfixup.com/pokedates

Who doesn’t want to meet the Ash or Misty of their dreams?