Pokemon Go dataminer uncovers Shiny Pokemon and Location Tracker

Since the last couple of days, the Pokemon Go players are excited about Ditto’s appearance in the game. However, this thanksgiving, there might be some bigger reasons to celebrate because the latest APK 0.47.1 patch seems to bring in some more surprises.

The Silph Road has mentioned that the new patch has the phrases SHINY and RARE in the APK. Shiny Pokemon made their first entry in Pokemon Gen 2 and they have a different look and perfect IV.


The Silph Road writer explains,”There is a new audio file that plays when a wild Pokemon is captured that is deemed RARE by the game (it’s a little more enthusiastic than the normal ‘you did it’ music after a capture).”

“Finally, there is a decent amount of new code segregating Pokemons’ materials into “default” and “shiny” materials. Materials, for those unfamiliar with game development, are specifications for how surfaces appear, reflect light, are colored/tinted, etc.”

“If it’s true that a SHINY material has been introduced, it is possible that tinted versions of Pokemon may begin appearing,” he added.

Image: Youtube

Image: Youtube

For now, the readers should take this with a big grain of salt as the APK didn’t include any new Pokemon sprites for Pokemon Go. However, there is a possibility that the foundations are being laid for some significant changes in the upcoming months.

The APK has also hinted that the much awaited nearby Pokemon tracker can be coming to the game soon.

“New code now appears to show that the NEARBY tracker (currently being tested in San Francisco, Arizona, and Seattle) will hide the SIGHTINGS radar when a minimum number of NEARBY Pokemon are detected.” explained The Silph Road website.

“The minimum number is unclear, but anecdotally, it may currently be a single one. The code appears to be able to adjust this parameter – perhaps indicating Niantic is continuing to refine the feature.”

Photo illustration of a "Pidgey" Pokemon seen on the screen of the Pokemon Go mobile app

The nearby feature was only introduced in the San Francisco area back in August 9. Niantic, however has been expanding this feature to more locations as they have now added the feature in Arizona, Washington State, and further cities in the Bay Area.

We hope Niantic will soon roll out this feature for the rest of the world before the year ends.