Pokémon Go exploit allows trainers to powerlevel gyms and earn 1.5 million XP in 24 hours

Pokémon Go has fallen victim to yet another exploit, sure to excite everyone whilst simultaneously pissing them off.

Nevertheless, we’ve got you covered on the specifics of said exploit. Read on for the biggest gym power-leveling exploit since Pokémon Go exploits were a thing. (They were always a thing, that was sarcasm.) Sarcasmception.

Phase One – Preparation

  1. Catch a level one Diglett. It has to be level one, as level one Digletts are at 10CP by default and you’ll be needing a 10CP Diglett for the exploit to work. Try looking in semi-deserted areas for this, where there’s low cell activity. That’s what I’d do, anyway.
  2. Power up your level 1 Diglett. If the CP increases at all, you’re fucked – start again. If it doesn’t, you’re fine – you now have a “level 1.5” Diglett at 10CP.
  3. Ha! Just kidding. You might be fine. If your Diglett has Scratch or Mudshot (the latter of which has been discontinued, so you can only use it if you already have it) then you’re fine. If not, well, you’re still fucked. Start again.
  4. Find a Krabby, a Horsea, or a Poliwag, and power it up. Whichever it is, it must have Bubble, it must be 20CP after the power up, and it must have the lowest defense IV you can get. If the defense IV of your Krabby, Horsea, or Poliwag is more than seven points higher than that of your Diglett’s attack IV, repeat this step until that isn’t the case. The easiest of the three options for this exploit is Horsea, with Krabby being a distant second, and Poliwag being an even more distant third. If you go with Poliwag, your Diglett will need mudshot.
Pokémon GO

source: imore.com

And that’s phase one. Did I confuse you enough? Just go through the following checklist, and make sure you have the following:

  • A 10CP Diglett that has been powered up once, with Scratch or Mudshot.
  • A 20CP Horsea, Krabby, or Poliwag that has been powered up once, has Bubble, and a defense IV which is no more than seven higher than the Diglett’s attack IV. If you chose Poliwag, your Diglett will need Mudshot.

If you’ve got all this, let’s proceed. If not, take a look at phase one again, as you might have missed something.

Phase Two – Execution

  1. Take over or level up a gym and add your chosen 20CP Pokémon in as a defender.
  2. Tap that sucker as fast as humanly possible. If it’s a Poliwag, use Mudshot – and if not, use Scratch. If you set everything up correctly, you should win. Sometimes you might appear to die, because Bubble hit you, but if you were tapping fast enough, you beat the defender before they beat you.
  3. Repeat.
Pokémon GO

source: polygon.com

This’ll net you, like we said, 1.5 million XP a day. Theoretically, anyway. Doing it for an hour could get you 32,700 XP, or double that with a lucky egg (65,400 XP). So if you were to play for 24 hours nonstop, you’d get 1.5 million.

Alongside getting you a tonne of XP, it’ll also help you level ten a gym almost instantly. What’s not to love?

For a more in-depth explanation, check out the video below: