Pokemon Go Guide: How to earn 60000 XP in just 30 minutes

Players looking for a quick progress fix for Pokemon Go may be in luck. One site has reportedly laid out a step-by-step guide on how to gain 60,000 XP. Best of all, apparently this only takes around 30 mins. However, some players have been punished before for using cheats and exploits in the game. We’re not sure if this really counts as a cheating method, but just a word of warning.

The website – didyouknowfacts.com – lays out the plan to gain massive amounts of XP in a handy easy-to-read guide. It’s 3 step process, and involves a decent amount of effort. So we’re here at Fraghero to guide you through.

Step one – Catch a whole lot of Pidgeys (also works with Weedles and Caterpies):

So the first step – and most likely the longest step – is to catch a lot of Pidgeys. By a lot – we mean a lot. You’ll need to transfer at least 135 to Professor Willow and you’ll be evolving 60 of them. You can also use this method with Weedles and Caterpies, but apparently Pidgeys transform into high-powered Pokemon. So if Pidgeys are your thing, it’s probably best to focus your attention on them. If you find that Pidgeys are the easiest to catch, then even better.

Source: uk.news.yahoo.com

Step two – Activate a Lucky Egg:

So after all the effort in capturing Pidgeys, you’ll need to turn on a lucky egg. This will double your XP for every action you take after you turn it on. Thus, when evolving Pokemon – such as the tonne of Pidgeys you’ve just captured – you’ll gain twice as much XP. Easy.

Source: www.bustle.com

Source: www.bustle.com

Step three – Evolve the Pidgeys:

With the amount of Pidgeys that you’ve already captured and with a lucky egg activated, you should be able to evolve enough of them to gain roughly 60,000 XP after a while. Because a lucky egg stays active for 30 mins and with each evolution taking around 30 seconds, you should be able to evolve 60. Alongside the evolutions, your candies should also rack up too.

Source: www.usgamer.net

Source: www.usgamer.net

So if you can suffer the grind of capturing all those Pidgeys, and wait while they evolve, you should be able to gain a huge amount of XP in a short time. Let us know how you do; your mountain of XP awaits.