Pokemon Go has lost an unbelievable number of users in less than a month

Image: cnet.com

Pokemon Go had a blockbuster launch and people went crazy over the augmented reality the game. The game went on to break several records and became one of most successful mobile games, ever. Within only 15 days of launch, the game was also able to indulge nearly 45 million daily users, which is really an extraordinary feat.

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The game, however, has started losing its glory and the craze has begun to decrease. According to the graphs prepared by Axiom Capital Management which were published by Bloomberg, the game has lost more than 15 million daily users in around a month’s time. The amount of users lost can be even more at this point since the chart prepared was only through August 18.

Image: Axiom Capital Management

Image: Axiom Capital Management

The chart was prepared with help from mobile research company Apptopia. It also shows that the engagement of the game has decreased by more than 50 percent. The term ‘augmented reality’ is now less searched on Google than it was searched in the initial days of its launch.

Victor Anthony, senior analyst at Axiom Capital, said that the people who invested in mobile focused app-based companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat were concerned about the increasing popularity of Pokemon Go. However, with the decreasing trend of Pokemon Go, the investors can now relax a little.

Pokémon GO

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“The declining trends should assuage investor concerns about the impact of Pokemon Go on time spent on the above named companies.”

Anthony also added that the decline of Pokemon Go can also be an issue for the entire augmented reality game scenario with the interest in virtual reality being high.

Pokemon Go became the number one free app in mobile app stores, but has now dropped to 11. However, it is still the highest grossing app ever.