Pokemon Go: Pokemon trading details leaked

Since its inception, Pokemon Go has been subject to many updates, patches and general changes by its developer, Niantic. Even though it seems that many users have stopped experiencing Pokemon Go, there is still a large community and following of the game.

Thus, in the latest version of the app for Pokemon Go, some players have found certain evidence of new features in its code. One of these is the existence of trading mechanics.

There is large community on Reddit for Pokemon Go related stuff called “The Silph Road.” Recently, there has been a discussion on a post relating to elements of trading in the code of the new update.

The users have referenced certain lines of code that could point towards trading existing somewhere in the game. The commands that the user believes they have discovered are as follows:

Trade_search <- you can search for people looking to trade?

Trade_offer <- offer a trade to someone that wants to trade?

Trade_response <- when you offer a trade, they respond with whether or not they will go through with it?

Trade_result <- after an interaction, what happens, who gets what.


Source: www.youtube.com

Source: www.youtube.com

These titles are placeholder versions at the moment though (as in they may be just taking up space until Niantic knows if they want to actually include them in game or not). It’s a pretty decent indication for sure, though.

The commands seem to refer to the ability to trade items as well as Pokemon between players. An online marketplace that players can utilize for the trade of items and creatures would definitely be well received by fans of the game.

Source: www.theverge.com

Source: www.theverge.com

It marks an exciting future ahead for Pokemon Go that surely will see trading at some point or another.