Pokemon Go team leaders finally do something in the game thanks to latest update

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It’s been a while since the team leaders in Pokemon Go got officially revealed but they have not played any active part in the game yet.

That changes today as finally all three gym leaders will actually play a role in the game. Thanks to the latest Pokemon Go Update

The team leaders will now offer you advice before you engage in a gym battle disclosing vital information such as your enemy Pokemon’s defensive and offensive capabilities.

Image: Twitter/Niantic

Image: Twitter/Niantic

On top of that, they will also advise you about which Pokemon in your team is best suited to take on the Pokemon defending the gyms.

team leaders

Candela, Blanche and Spark finally have entered the game and although this might not be much but it is a start.

The update is currently available for both Android and iOS and it will be cool to see what other functions the gym leaders carry out in future.