Pokémon Go’s app store ratings are going from bad to worse

The popular augmented reality game, Pokémon GO, recently had a secret update that caught a lot of players off guard. With it nerfing the attacks of popular Pokémon, removing the tracking mechanic in the “nearby” screen, and eliminating the use of third-party Pokémon finding apps, things are definitely changing the way players are able to interact with the game.

What happens when you piss people off? They take out their anger in reviews.

Despite how many positive changes and improvements Niantic made to Pokémon GO in its 0.31.0 update, people are still unsatisfied. (Is anyone honestly really surprised, though?) Redditor vernontwinkie was able to screenshot the 2 star rating Pokémon GO had before it was removed completely from the Apple App Store.

image via reddit (vernontwinkie)

image via reddit (vernontwinkie)

It looks like the reviews are back in place in the Apple App Store, but the ratings have continuously gotten worse. It’s now below 2 stars, approaching a 1 star status. On the contrary, the game’s reviews in the Google Play Store are significantly higher.

It makes you wonder if iOS players are just saltier by nature, or if the Android reviews have been fiddled with since Niantic and Google are attached at the hip.

image via google play store

image via google play store

Niantic has had a lot to deal with recently, and this shows that it doesn’t look like the Pokémon GO community will be forgiving some of the mistakes the company has made any time soon. In case you missed it, Niantic’s CEO, John Hanke, had his Twitter account hacked (because the poor guy doesn’t already have enough to deal with, right?).


I don’t see this update and slew of negative reviews destroying the loyal fan base that was unexpectedly created when the game was released, but I do hope that Niantic starts to become a little more transparent going forward.

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Hopefully players will be able to utilize the tracking mechanic again in the near future, maybe the game will be available in more countries demanding it, and perhaps Niantic can continue to improve Pokémon GO even further as a way to beg for forgiveness.