Pokémon Go’s Launch is turning out to be a Disaster

Pokémon Go was announced in early September last year, and fans have been eagerly awaiting its release ever since. The game’s objective is simple – collect ’em all.

The concept, however, is genius. You’ll be heading outside and searching for Pokémon high and low, navigating via a map of your immediate area on the game-screen itself. It’s kind of hilarious, kind of weird, and really, really cool.

Unfortunately, Pokémon Go’s launch isn’t doing too great. In fact, it wasn’t doing too great even before it begun – thanks to extremely poor communication from the developer, Niantic. Trainers around the world were (and still are) upset at the massive lack of clarification, in regards to when the game would be launching in their countries.

As they’d soon come to learn, this was the least of their worries.

Once people actually did manage to download the game, they’d start it up to receive the following: “Our servers are experiencing issues. Please come back later.” Then they’d come back later, and they’d get, well, the same message. Sorry, would-be Pokémon Trainers, but Bulbasaur will, quite simply, have to wait.

source: 80.lv

source: 80.lv

Also, what’s with the whole Dark-Souls style tutorial? As in, there isn’t one. The game’s already confusing enough, and we’re expected to just figure it out on our own? Obviously, a quick Google search pretty much solves this problem, but I mean, come on, Niantic. Clarity really isn’t you thing, is it? “Niantic, Inc – Figure it out.”

Now, if finding everything out yourself wasn’t too troublesome a task (ha), just wait. Try finding everything out yourself with an absolute fuckton of glitches (or issues), like, a perpetual universe of them, just waiting to be discovered. I’ve only noticed about 500, but it’s been said the most unfortunate users have experienced well over the 25 thousand mark now.

source: wikiba.asia

source: wikiba.asia

Really though, in all seriousness, they’re everywhere. The most prominent of which, I’ve listed below…

  • Map is entirely devoid of content. It can still be used as a map, so that’s good.
  • You’re in one place in real life, but for some reason, an entirely different place in the game.
  • The game becomes slow and unresponsive, making it unplayable. Probably because of the servers… Pokémon Slow.
  • The augmented-reality aspect of the augmented-reality focused game refuses to work. I’m yet to actually have this work, in fact.
  • Pokémon are shown as being places, which upon reaching are actually completely deserted. This is real energy I’m using, here. Grrrr…
  • It drains your battery faster than something that drains your battery fast. 0/10. This might help.

That’s just a few. There are no doubt many, many more.

source: fraghero.com

Anyway, my toleration of these problems is quickly waning, much like my motivation to actually play the damn game – when I can, that is. And it’s not just me, users around the world are reporting similar problems en masse. As a wise man once said; fix yo’ shit”.