Poll shows which is the faction of choice for Pokémon Go players

Pokémon Go has taken the internet by storm. For 20 years, us twenty-something year olds have been waiting for the chance to go on our own Pokémon journey, so it’s no surprise that the game has been doing so well. However, there is something you need to decide, and that’s what team you’re on.

You have three choices. Team Mystic, Team Valor, or Team Instinct. They’re all represented by one of the three Legendary Birds that you find in the original 151. Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos, respectively. So the big question Kotaku had was: Which team is the most popular among players?

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via Kotaku

As it turns out, Team Mystic is being backed the most, shown in a poll they did which saw more than 100,000 responses. It has a solid 8% lead on Valor and 15% lead on Instinct. Why is this though? It could be because of the word ‘Mystic.’ It sounds mysterious and heavenly. Another reason could be because of the bird supporting it. Of course, the third and less cool reason would be… the fact that it’s in the middle.


It’s worth noting that overall, people will pick Squirtle the most out of the three original starters, followed by Charmander, then Bulbasaur. It shows a small pattern that might be taking place, where you see the blue option being picked most, then red, then whatever color the third is being picked last. But hey, maybe it’s a question for Game Theory to solve, not me.

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