Poor Gamer is Trolled on Photoshop After Trying VR Sex Doll Demo

Many people have been targets of the Photoshop community, where their seemingly innocent images have been altered for the amusement of others. (And to be honest, most of them are quite hilarious).

There is a subreddit dedicated to this called Photoshop Battles. An image from the Adult VR Festival in Tokyo has made its way to the subreddit, and people have been creating some really funny alterations to the original image. You can see the original picture below.

image via reddit

image via reddit

This poor guy was just enjoying his sexual VR experience with a stand in sex doll, but now we have a handful of hilarious pictures to enjoy. Here are some of the best ones I came across.

“Like warm apple pie”

VR apple pie

Dancing with the VR


VR Hero

VR guitar

It’s Turtle Time

VR raphael

Getting Rick Rolled

VR rick roll


VR skynet


VR trump

And my personal favorite:

all images via reddit

all images via reddit