Russian streamer hires escort and haves sex with her live to prove he’s not gay

A Russian streamer who is quite popular in his country became another victim of cyber bullying as a rumor started to make the rounds that he wasn’t straight and was in fact homosexual.

We all know Russia doesn’t like homosexuals and the country’s government has strong laws against anyone who’s gay.

This made the rumor even worse for this guy as people started to publicly shame him.


His whole streaming career was at stake here and like any normal sane individual living in Russia would do, he decided to prove the critics wrong during a livestream. His solution?

Have sex with a hooker live during a stream, silencing all his naysayers.

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The girl he bought first decided to give his weeny a nice mouthwash before he decided to take things up a few notches and bang her live.

They tried out several positions during the livestream silencing his haters once and for all.

It was really odd to see him making love with a hooker during the livestream rather than headshotting some noobs and making fun of players in a language little known to them.

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Things got pretty heated after a while and the guy definitely proved to all he wasn’t homosexual as he made love to her. We can’t share the video here but you can check it out here.

This dude just proved Counter Strike isn’ the only thing he’s good at.