Popular Twitch Streamer Banned For Having Sex While Streaming

There are a lot of streamers who get caught in the act. Sometimes, it’s pretty obviously on purpose and an attempt to go the Paris Hilton / Kardashian route of making a name for themselves, other times they just get caught up on the moment and forgot that they’ve left their stream on. Seems like a pretty difficult mistake to make by accident, but it happens…

Most recently, a streamer named xpegasas left his microphone on while having sex, and everyone heard his girl moaning in the background. If this is a way that people are trying to get famous on the internet or to get more viewers on their streams, it doesn’t really work if your stream gets deleted, which is the case with this one.


There’s no video this time around, but you can tell from the sounds exactly what’s going on, because unless this woman has been playing Fallout 3 and just exited the vault for the first time, there’s really no other reason a person would make these sounds.

Remember streamers: You may feel like rockstars when you’ve got a full room and the donations are flowing in, but it doesn’t really matter if you get your account banned.

You can find the audio below, it’s just a woman moaning but it’s not safe for work, unless your boss is also a perv.

You can find the audio clip here.