This Pro Tennis/Counter-Strike Player is Becoming Famous for his Epic Profanity Laced Meltdowns

John McEnroe is famous for not only being a great tennis player, but also for his red hot temper. He’s probably not very good at Counter Strike, though. Jerzy Janowicz, on the other hand, is a Polish rising star in the world of tennis and also a competitive CS player who has over 50k subs on his Twitch.



Jerzy Janowicz’s intense meltdowns on the tennis court also translate over to his Counter Strike streaming, where he often goes ballistic when things don’t go his way. The guy is very competitive, to say the least. His meltdowns are getting him attention in both worlds, but only skills will keep you relevant and he’s got plenty of those, too.

Watch what happens when he’s lining up a target in CS and gets killed before he can pull the trigger:

His mouse gets the worst of it. He’s also smashed keyboards, and anything else that is within arm’s reach when he loses at a game.

Here’s one of his more famous tennis meltdowns. 

He sounds a lot like Pewdiepie around the 50 second mark when he’s yelling “How many times?!” He’s actually a very high level player, he was ranked as high as #14 in the world at one point.

There days, he’s shy of cracking the top 200, but even being ranked two hundred and something means you’re a pretty damn great tennis player in the grand scheme of things.

He’s currently competing in the Australian Open and most recently won a match yesterday.