PS4 Firmware Update 4.50 out tomorrow, additional features detailed

Sony has confirmed the next major PS4 firmware update, version 4.50, will be releasing worldwide tomorrow.

This is an important update as it’ll be adding the Boost Mode (for the PS4 Pro) and external HDD support to the console, but there’s some other features it’ll bring as well, and Sony’s revealed them today.

  • Improved 2D Images on PS VR
  • Voice Chat for Remote Play
  • Off Console Availability
  • PS Messages and Communities app Updates

You can check out the full list of features that’ll be added via this update and what exactly they will do here.

This is definitely going to be a huge update as not only will it bringing external update for the PS4, which fans has been demanding for years, the PS4 Pro will get the boost mode, which will make almost every PS4 game look and perform better on the upgraded console.