PS4 firmware update 4.50 live, hidden features revealed

As promised, Sony’s released PS4 firmware update 4.50 today and it’s downloadable right now.

The system update is around 325MB and brings with it some significant changes, especially if you own a PS4 Pro, as it now allows you to utilize what Sony calls the “Boost Mode”, that promises to make almost every PS4 game perform better on the device.

However, even PS4 owners in general has a lot to look forward to. Apart from the mentioned changes, the update also adds a lot of smaller but useful new features. We’re listing them below –

  • The PS4 system you use to sign into PSN for the first time is now automatically activated as your primary PS4 console.
  • Parents can easily create sub accounts for their children with their master account now.
  • Saved data can now be directly downloaded from the home screen. (Press the OPTIONS button, and then select [Upload/Download Saved Data].)
  • You can now share screenshots on the PlayStation Network
  • The color of your profile screen can now be changed to match your cover image.
  • Reports about inappropriate content can now be previewed before being sent.
  • SHAREfactory can now be directly launched from Capture Gallery.¬†Press the OPTIONS button while viewing(Capture Gallery), and then select [Edit in SHAREfactory].
  • You can now respond from Messages or PS Messages with a quick reply when you receive party invitations.
  • Cinematic mode image quality has marginally improved on PlayStation VR.
  • The profile cover image on your PS4 is now also displayed in PS Messages.

We’ll update this post if we find more hidden features from the update. It also adds external support for your PS4, custom wallpapers and more as part of the detailed feature list.