PS4 Hype: This is when Sony will be holding its E3 2016 Press Conference

Sony had a fantastic presentation filled with tons of exciting things last year at E3 2015, but this year might blow it out of the water.

For this year’s most anticipated gaming conference, Sony will present on June 13 at 6:00 Pacific Time. This means everyone will have to sit through an entire day of Ubisoft, Microsoft, and PC Gaming Show presentations before seeing what Sony has in store for fans in the upcoming months. (Let’s hope that these announcements are for things to come in the upcoming months as opposed to years, like they have done so in the past.)

With the upcoming launch of PlayStation VR in October and September’s PS4 NEO release, more information is sure to be shared in regards to what fans can expect from these devices. A lot of specific details about these anticipated releases have not been shared thoroughly, which leads everyone to believe that there will be plenty of coverage about it during E3.

It’s a smart way to get everyone hyped up about it before they hit store shelves in the fall. There is also a chance of the new Destiny expansion being discussed, as well as follow-ups to the many announcements made during last year’s conference.

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Fans are also hopeful to see more information about upcoming games such as God of War 4, The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII (remake), and Crash Bandicoot. A couple of these games were briefly discussed during last year’s E3 Conference, but further details about them have been few and far in between.

Sony is sure to please a lot of players with this year’s E3 presentation, and with the company holding the last spot in the lineup on June 13, many people may even forget what other exciting things they saw earlier in the day.