PS4 players are using this secret method to avoid paying PlayStation Network sales tax

A few days ago we reported how Sony is going to start collecting sales tax in some states of the U.S for its PlayStation Store related services that includes purchasing a subscription of PlayStation Plus or any purchases made using the PS Store.

Now, users are apparently using an illegal method that allows them to work around paying the required taxes. This method has allowed them to avoid paying the state-based taxes entirely, bringing the price of the products they purchase marginally down.

The state-based tax being rolled out in select U.S states would be displayed below the price of the game during check out, and users who’re affected by it have already found a way to bypass paying them.

This is the method they’re using –

  1. Setting up a billing address on their PSN account that is outside U.S or a state within the U.S that doesn’t require you to pay any additional sales tax.
  2. They would then opt for Paypal or PSN top-up cards as their payment method instead of using a credit or debit card (which might have their original billing address)

This allows them to purchase the product using a fake location where the taxes don’t apply. This method is illegal and be warned using this might get your PSN account banned.

We hope Sony comes up with a solution so users can no longer exploit the services.