Some PS4 users are getting this ‘Golden Ticket Voucher’ worth $100; here’s how to check if you’ve got one

Sony seems to be in a charitable mood today as it is handing out 20% discount codes to users. However, that’s not all, it’s also sending out hefty $100 PSN credit vouchers to a handful of lucky users.

It’s not clear what’s the benchmark for getting selected but it appears to be random. Users are reporting receiving these epic vouchers on forums and Reddit.

While the 20% discount codes are being received by a lot of people, the $100 Golden vouchers are incredibly rare. These are being sent to PSN users email ids and this would be a great time to check yours (who know you might have a $100 waiting for you).

Keep in mind, you only receive emails from Sony if you have enabled receiving offers, newsletters and updates on your PSN account.

It is to be noted that only North American users are receiving these vouchers and hence it appears that it’s only active in that region. Here is a reddit user who received one such Golden Ticket voucher.

You can check out how it looks below –

The voucher’s credits work for buying discounted games too and hence this is a great bonus to have. If you’re smart you can end up buying games worth a lot more than $100 using this voucher, as long as you include some discounted games.

The vouchers being sent out expires March 31s and hence you really need to check your emails and make sure to spend it before March 31st.