Rare Nintendo Duck Hunt Game from 1976 Could Only Be Played On A Projector

Most people can easily recognize the traditional orange handheld gun from Nintendo’s classic game, Duck Hunt. But what if I told you that there was a previous version of the game that required you to play it on a projector with a battery operated shotgun?

This original version of the game was released in Japan back in 1976. Nintendo actually came out with the electromechanical home game the same year Atari was bringing Pong into American households. The contents of the box include the gun (in two separate parts), the projector, and an instruction manual.

duck hunt 1

Zadoc shared images of the game he acquired on Imgur, but the instruction manual was in Spanish and he could not translate it. (His version of the game was from Venezuela.) A Redditor created an amateur translation, which you can read below.

The side of the box says: “Caution: This target (projection) cannot be used with the Kousenjuu SP Gun (¥980), Kousenjuu SP Rifle (¥2500), Kousenjuu Custom Pistol (¥2500) or Kousenjuu Custom Rifle (¥5000). Please use the shotgun included with the projector.” (Kousenjuu means “light gun”; the models mentioned above were an earlier series of Nintendo toys that fired flashes of light at photosensitive targets.)

The note says something like: “Caution: Please detach this piece of cardboard (<mirror stopper?>) before playing.” (I can’t quite read the leftmost kanji, but I think it says 鏡止め. I’m not entirely sure what a “mirror stopper” is; Google suggests a bunch of hits showing screws for attaching things to walls. Was the note attached to something?)

It’s a really interesting thing to see, and I’d love to try out the gameplay for myself. You can read more about it on Reddit and Imgur, and you can view more pictures of the game below.

duck hunt 2 duck hunt 3 duck hunt 4 duck hunt 6

duck hunt 5

all images via imgur (@zadoc)

all images via imgur (@zadoc)