Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Will Be Released As Early As Thursday

ROCKSTAR could be set to release the trailer for the new Red Dead game this Thursday, according to former the Tech Radar writer who revealed the leaked map earlier this year.

New Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer could be coming this Thursday, claims source below

Grand theft Auto developers Rockstar Games took everyone by surprise yesterday by dropping official artwork and teasing Red Dead in the most Rockstar way possible on their social media accounts.

red dead

This was followed up earlier today with a new Red Dead tease that all but confirms a new game in the Wild West series.

The image has also been shared across all social channels for Rockstar and the Rockstar newswire, but they’ve not provided any further information beyond sharing the actual image.

Earlier this year the games new map was supposedly leaked via Neogaf, which we’ve written about at length here: New Red Dead Redemption 2 Map LEAKED. This rumour was given some validity when TechRadar confirmed the legitimacy of the map, saying:

“A source close to the development of the new Red Dead game has now confirmed to us that the map is indeed the real deal, revealing that this is a “very recent” art direction map for the upcoming title.”

Reports suggest that we might see a new Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer as early as Thursday.

The news comes courtesy of ex-TechRadar writer Hugh Langley. It’s possible it might even be released earlier according to Langley.

It was widely expected that the Red Dead Redemption sequel would be revealed with Sony at E3, but this Red Dead Redemption 2 reveal allegedly pulled due to a series of shootings in America around the time of the expo.



It’s clear the game still holds it fame. When Microsoft made it backwards compatible with the Xbox One, sales for red dead Redemption in the UK shot up 6000% in a matter of hours:

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