Report: Zelda Is Coming Exclusively To Android Phones

What if I told you Nintendo’s fantastic, groundbreaking saga The Legend of Zelda might be soon coming to your Android device – and perhaps even iOS? You’d call me crazy – unless I provided some pretty assuring evidence.

Well, such evidence does exist. Unless someone at Google is just a massive fan (granted, not unlikely).


(via, IGN)

As seen above, the whoever was in charge of the livestream decided to throw in a cheeky Zelda reference – referring, more specifically, to Majora’s Mask.

It might just be a show of dedication, or it might be something more. Maybe it is something more…

Well. Hopefully. Considering Shigeru Miyamoto appeared at an Apple event recently, and the newly announced Super Mario Jump coming to iOS, we could be seeing a Zelda game on Android phones before long.