Research Reveals What P*rn Women Searched For The Most In 2018

It’s official, we finally know what porn women searched for the most in 2018. Just in case your interest was ever piqued about what the fairer sex has been looking for, we’ve got the answers here.

While teenage boys get a bad rap for taking a box of tissues upstairs and flogging it until they’re raw, people of all ages and genders are partial to bit of alone time, enjoying the pleasures of themselves.

Pornhub‘s Year in Review exposed what men and women has been looking at in 2018. The most-searched for term by women was “lesbian”, followed by “Japanese” and “hentai” (anime and manga pornography). The top five was rounded off by “threesome” and “Korean”. It’s all pretty standard stuff, but there were some other interesting terms that snuck into the rankings.

Other terms that made it into the top 14 are “lesbians scissoring”, “milf”, and “step mom”. The term “lesbian strap on” soared up the charts and was searched for 392% more than it was in 2017. Other climbers included “Tinder” (up 161%) and “trans” (up 72%).

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As for men, they were particularly fond of “Japanese”, “milf”, and “hentai”. Overall, there were plenty of similarities between the two lists, suggesting that maybe women aren’t from Venus and men are from Mars. Scarily, Fortnite appears on both the men’s and women’s list. I’m not sure how Fortnite porn would work, and to be honest, I don’t really want to know.

Pornhub is still a giant of the online porn community and presumably trawled through the data of millions to publish the results. That being said, Pornhub has only been monitoring the masturbatory habits of its women since 2014.

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A pants-dropping 33.5 BILLION of us visited the site last year, with an average of 92 million daily visits. To put that into context, its the populations of Canada, Poland, and Australia…every day!

There were 4,791,799 new videos uploaded, which equates to over 115 years of footage. Even the randiest of us might struggle to get through all of that.

With such a surge of new content, it explains why our tastes are evolving and we’re seeing different searches. Now that that’s done, feel free to delete your browser history and go back to work.

[Featured Image: 20th Century Fox/Pornhub]