Resident Evil 7 Player Beats Game Only Using Knife And Sets A New Record

If you’re still trying to make it through your first RE7 play through without defecating in your trousers, you’ve got a ways to go before even thinking of challenging this impressive record.

ItsTheWykytron, a speed-runner and streamer from Twitch, has managed to complete Resident Evil 7 using nothing but a knife.

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Despite playing on easy mode so that it’s not completely impossible, there are still some really challenging spots. The most challenging was actually the first boss, which eats up a big chunk of the total time in this speedrun. Once getting that down, they still manage to complete the game in about three hours.


With a few tweaks, they figure they can shave at least another 45 minutes off. At 3 hours, it’s roughly double the current record for a play through on easy mode. The quickest time is currently 1:32:17 played on New Game+ with the circular saw, so all things considered, 3 hours with just a knife is nothing to scoff at.

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Resident Evil 7 came out about a week ago on January 24th, and has a metacritic score of 85, with a lower user score of 7.6.