R.I.P Weird Face guy from Assassin’s Creed 2 Remaster

Our shifty-eyed friend, known affectionately as “Weird Face Guy” from the Ezio Collection edition of Assassin’s Creed 2, is no more. In a recent patch to he game, they’ve gotten rid of him. He disappeared without a single trace, it makes you wonder what really happened to the poor guy… And on that note, it makes you wonder what happened to the original NPC, too. What was he doing while this other guy was filling in for him?


image: kotaku

Weird Face Guy caught the internet’s attention due to how out-of-place he looked, and his strange expression, especially when people realized he wasn’t part of the original release of the game. It was like he was somehow teleported into AC2, and just woke up, and was still trying to figure out where he was and what was going on.

image: eurogamer.net

image: eurogamer.net

But it doesn’t matter anymore. Ruthless and heartlessly, Ubisoft has ended this poor NPC. He may not have played a major role in the game, but he still had a big enough impact to prove true Joni Mitchell’s theory that you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone.

There’s really no way to describe the loss, except that it feels kind of like this: 


Eventually, a disgruntled employee will leak the true details of what happened, but until then we’re left with nothing but conspiracy theories. Shortly after the bug was popularized, it turned out that it would only happen to certain people, and only sometimes. Ubisoft acknowledged the bug, and blamed it on the fact that the NPC is randomly generated, but that doesn’t matter anymore… he’s gone, and he’s never coming back.