Rival Overwatch Teams Join Forces to Destroy Hacker


Currently cheating is a common tool in online games. Popular multiplayer game Overwatch is also not safe from cheating. However, a few days ago, two enemy teams in the game decided to do something on this issue.

The incident took place when a suspicious person who was popping up often in matches was spotted by Reddit user SixZoSeven and his team. Both the participating team noticed the activities of the suspicious player in the matches thoughout and looked at the kill replays which looked suspicious enough to prove that he was cheating.


As Overwatch is a ranked game, no one allows anyone to benefit from cheating. Both the teams who were fed up with the auto aiming bot using player and decided to something about it.

The teams decided to overlook personal glory and made sure that the cheater could not profit. The players caused a ruckus by coming across the cheater and disturbed him and made sure that he couldn’t capture points.


They were successful in not allowing the cheater to capture points. They used Widowmaker from behind Reinhardt’s shield or D.Va’s Defense Matrix. Finally the match ended in a draw and the players reported the cheater. As Blizzard has been very harsh on the cheaters, we expect to see the cheater being rewarded with a permanent ban.

Here’s what SixZoSeven about the incident.

“The takeaway here isn’t so much that cheaters exist, but the fact that we as players can take steps to mitigate the damage they cause. After all, Overwatch is, without a doubt, a game of teamwork!”

Desperate times calls for some desperate measures.