Rockstar Games comments about Red Dead Redemption and GTA remasters

Take-Two interactive software, parent company of Rockstar Games, 2K Games, and many more notable subsidiaries recently held their end-of-quarter meeting on September 30th. It was a private phone call open only to shareholders of the company. TTWO‘s CEO Strauss Zelnick was asked if the success of BioShock: The Collection would cause Take-Two to consider remastering more of its popular older games. He replied:

Strauss Zelnick Bloomberg Potentially yes. I mean, every time we have something that goes well or doesn’t go well, it definitely informs our decision making, but we don’t have anything specific to announce as announcements that would come from our labels.

The good news is that we have a rich trove of intellectual properties and there are definitely more things that will be brought to the market in the future, but nothing that we would announce on today’s call.

This little tease certainly got the market excited and the stock closed the trading day up 7.79%. Even more excited was the gaming community, who have been eagerly anticipating the remaking of their favorite games for many years.


Red Dead Redemption was one of Take Two Interactive’s most successful games, selling more than 15 million units. A sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2 was just announced.